Jewellery Design

3D jewels is a jewelry boutique of international repute and takes pride in designing handcrafted pure gold, diamond, silver, and antique items. Through our work, we strive to celebrate ancient Indian jewellery designs traditions, kaarigari, and contemporary aesthetics. 3D jewels have managed to determine its credentials as a sought-after jeweler to connoisseurs the world over. Our computer aided jewellery design goes beyond the traditional approach, and each custom-made piece reflects our commitment to quality and excellence.

We are India's leading destination for top-quality fine designer jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs. We aim at revolutionizing the fine jewelry and lifestyle segment in India with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience. In a short period, 3D jewels have built a large family of loyal customers in India and abroad.

We house over 5000 unique designs for you to choose from. All of these models are made to perfection with utmost care, allowing you the ability to customize the gold quality and color or diamond clarity of the material to suit your needs.

Jewellery Design
Indian Jewellery Design

With an award-winning design team that pays nice attention to detail, each of our products is a symbol of perfection. With cutting edge innovation and the latest technology, we ensure the brilliance is well reflected in all our jewellery design. Jewels have dependably been a bit of human society. At the point when people initially began utilizing clothes and apparatuses exactly 100,000 years prior, jewels were delivered from a good range of materials that were accessible in those days - jewellery with stones, plants, and leaves, wood, animal skin and bones, feathers, seashells, natural created semi-valuable materials, as an example, obsidian was popular.

Indian Jewellery Design is not just a way to adorn a woman's beauty. It also has several beliefs related to it. Each piece is revered to be just as precious as the woman who wears it. Different components of the country have had different jewelry trends depending on the culture, availability of metals and precious stones. While these command immense significance in Indian mythology, the art of crafting jewelry reached its peak throughout the Mughal era. There emerged a full new genre of jewellery design that is taking the international fashion circuit by storm with their sheer elegance and wealth. So, if you have been considering redesigning a bit of jewelry your grandmother or mother owned, hold that thought. Let's take you through some of the most fascinating Indian jewelry items that are treasure worthy.

An Indian jewellery design is as old because of the history of the country itself. Indians were the first to learn the art of gold gathering and process. Later with advanced technology, artisans started exploitation metals and valuable precious gems into artwork. They influenced various cultures and many modern jewelry designs.

Fine jewelry is usually made with precious materials like gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. Jewelry style is classified into four segments: Classic, contemporary, Fusion and traditional.

We take careful note of the prevailing trends in jewelry and feedback from our customers to bring you the best. With our made-to-order model, every singly crafted piece goes through many quality checks before reaching your doorstep. Whether it's plain gold, diamond or gemstone jewelry that you need, we have a design to suit each mood, budget, and occasion.