Product / Services

Ecommerce Website Services:

We provide Ecommerce website services for every set of business needs like - Showrooms, Wholesale suppliers, Online Jewellery Dealers

  • Eshop Wholesaler
  • Show rooms Websites

Ready CAD Designs:

  • We have created a Library of CAD Designs which the Customers can choose as per their choice and download the Ready CAD Designs of their own choice
  • To make the process easier for customers we offer a demo account to test the process of selecting and downloading and then go forward, if they like it which they definitely will as we have made it very user friendly

Jewellery CAD

  • For our esteemed customers we provide Jewellery CAD designing developed as per their Customized parameters.
  • To make it convenient and to build the trust we offer a demo account through which the customer can customize their designs and send it to us and our team within 24 hours will get in touch with the customer and finalise on the designs and quotations.
  • CAD will be uploaded as per the customer's choice on our portal and can download it without any hesitation.


We provide CAM/ Dye (Rubber Mould) for the designs which are developed by Customers.


We provide Rendering of CAD files to the Customers for their CAD Designs We would wish to hear any of your interest or requirement from the list of our Services which we can serve in future.

JEWELLERY Designers platform

As there is a vast demand for Ready Cad Designs and Models from the Jewellery Industry we have developed a platform were is Designers can sell their designs under

Mini E-commerce platform

As the years pass Technology is taking over the Business in terms of E-Commerce so we thought of creating a E-Commerce website of every jeweller at Affordable cost.

Business to Business Platform( B2B)

As there is a lot of variety of jewellery manufactured across the Globe including loose Diamonds ,Gems Stone ,we have created a market place for Manufacturer,Wholesaler,Retailers, so that all can meet at a single place and exchange their contact details as well as Carryon Business at 0% Commission to Admin under Best place to find Jewellery product.