Jewellery CAM service provider

3D Jewels are the professional Jewellery CAM Service Provider online firm. A team of dedicated professionals can serve you according to your specifications. Well equipped and highly experienced with CAD software like Matrix, Rhino, AutoCAD and Jewelry CAD; we are going to convert your project into a draft that will be sent to you for approval. Next, the draft will be transformed into a 3D wax model in addition to our services.

We are one of the oldest, yet most experienced Jewellery CAM service provider in the market with proven results. The sky is the limit where CAM services are involved. Our professional services allow the jewelers to think outside the box and excel in their fields.

A computer system used to design and manufacture the product as well as pieces of fine jewelry. The term CAM implies that a well-trained individual will use this technique both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes.

Jewellery CAM Service Provider
3D Jewellery Design

3D Jewels are the professional CAM service provider online. We use the software programs and machinery to form and manufacture a 3D object. Upon completion of working with a CAM program and machines, a 3D wax model is made which physically represents the way the final product can look.

For example, once a design has been produced with the CAD component, the design itself will control the machines that construct the part. CAM also allows the item being designed the ability to achieve the most attention to detail possible. Whether customizing an engagement ring or Pendant, CAM assists in making the best piece of jewelry desired by a person.

Our jewellery CAM service provider allows jewelry stores and jewelry designers to think outside the box when it involves making custom jewelry. No longer are they certain by what they can physically create by hand. Instead, a computer software program will help turn a creative and innovative design concept into reality.

The CAM service provider at 3D Jewels are ideal for jewelry designers that need to form new items for their private line or jewelry stores. Jewelry stores will also find these services useful as they will provide customers the chance to form unique, personalized pieces of jewelry; or they will create one-of-a-kind jewelry only sold at specific jewelry stores.

Why choose 3D Jewels for Your jewellery CAM Service?

3D jewels are a full-service custom jewelry manufacturing company that provides jewelers and designers with access to manufacturing solutions that may help grow their inventory. For over thirty years, 3D jewels have helped more than 2,000 jewelers all across the globe.

Customers who have used 3D jewels CAM services have noticed improved customer experiences, faster lead times, a reduction in labor prices, and faster delivery times of a final product to the customer.