Certified Training Center

  • Introduction to Jewellery Manufacturing Techniques.
  • Handling Tools and Machines with safety measures.
  • Understanding Metallurgy and handling metals both ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • Learning Basic Work Bench Process.
  • Fundamentals of Manufacturing with basic Metallurgy.
  • Fabrication techniques-soldering /sawing/engraving/ embossing/ inlay etc.
  • Introduction to Linking, Hinging, Clasps and Findings.
  • Wire jewellery making.
  • Fundamentals of Casting Techniques with Pre casting process.
  • Different types of Casting Process
  • Types of stone setting process (Bezel/Prong/Pave/ Channel etc).
  • Wax injection and Lost wax technique.
  • Different Metal Finishing Techniques.
  • Fundamental of Electroplating.
  • Different metal Filing and polishing Techniques.
  • Types of Plating and their process.
  • Jewellery making (Necklace/Rings/Earrings/Bangles etc).
  • Enamelling Technique (Hot and Cold).
  • Introduction to Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
  • Final project submission/Internship.

jewellery-manufacturing-technique - Course Deatils.

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) What you earn? Who should join? Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
JEWELLERY MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES 1 Year (May vary based on holidays and other scheduled breaks) Duration in Hours 1155 Clock Hours Certificate in Jewellery Manufacturing Techniques Jewellery business owners/ Retailer / Wholesaler 1,00,000/-

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