Certified Training Center

  • Introduction to Zbrush.
  • ZBRUSH interface tools & other features related to jewelry ZBRUSH Asset development of Antique pendants, idols, articles, hollow jewelry etc. and making jewelry with anatomy of human, animal & various customized motifs. Modulation of developed geometry and preparing them for production friendly with parametric norms & weight and assemblies Exporting to various software's like materialize magic's, Rhinoceros, other cam software's for direct manufacturing of RPT sample .

  • Practice and Examination :

  • Output of various pre-defined cad designs (Practice).
  • Tools & their respective usage (Practice).
  • Different development based on exam curriculum (Exam) .
  • Written & practical examination on respective topic (Exam) .

Z-Brush - Course Deatils.

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) What you earn? Who should join? Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
Z-Brush 3 Month 290 Clock Hour Certificate in ZBRUSH Jewellery Designers.
Jewellery Enthusiasts.
Jewellery Retailer

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