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  • Introduction to Matrix Gold Tips to customizing your MatrixGold interface Creating Cursor Tool tips, & other options Knife Edge Wedding Band with Mill grain Modeling the ring, adding gems & mill grain Resizing the ring & saving an STL file for 3D printing Signet Ring with Initial Modeling the ring & add the Initial Hollow the ring to reduce weight Double Halo ring with cathedral shank Modeling the double Halo & cathedral shank Adding prongs & cutters Pave Ring (with 3-rows of gems) Modeling the ring band and 3-rows of gems Adding prongs, cutters, and creating an azure Baguette Channel set ring Modeling the ring, Baguettes, & side gems Trellis Eternity Ring Modelling the Trellis Eternity Ring U Prong Ring Adding the gems & creating the u shaped prongs Creating the u-shaped under rail Chain Ring Modeling the Chain Ring Chain Ring with ring shank Modeling the Chain Ring & ring shank Chain Ring (with gems) Chain Ring (with gems) Adding the Gems, prongs & gem cutters Domed Oval Double Halo Ring Modeling the Domed Oval Ring Creating the channel, adding prongs, & cutting the gem seats Bezel Setting with Knife Edge Band Making the ring band & bezel setting Torus Pendant Creating the Torus & cresent - shaped channel curves Placing the gems, prongs, bail & exporting to an STL file Floral Motif Ring Band Designing the Floral Motif Arraying the motif and Bezels Huggie earrings with hinge Designing the earrings & hinge 6 Petal Round Halo Ring Making the 6 petal halo using surface editing techniques Making the cathedral ring shank & decorative under gallery Polar Array & finishing the ring Retro Gent Ring Making the ring, hollowing out the inside, & adding the rub over gem. Eight Halo Ring Making the Halo & scalloped cutters. Finalizing the cutters & polar array Filigree Pendant with round Cabochon Creating the pattern element & center setting. Finalizing the pendant with princess cut gems and adding a bail Alternating Round Brilliant & Baguette Ring Creating the settings & ring 6 Prong Trellis setting with Cathedral Shank Creating the setting & prong wires Creating the ring and placing gems, prongs & cutters

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Matrix-Gold 6 Months 580 Clock Hours Certificate in Jewellery CAD – Matrix Gold Jewellery Designers
Jewellery Enthusiasts
Jewellery Retailers Jewellery Owners

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