Jewellery Design Graduate

Certified Training Center

The Jewellery Design Graduate program covers a comprehensive range of techniques and various working methods related to Jewellery and Bijou Craftsmanship. This is achieved by delving into the creative process, starting from product design, material research, technology implementation, and market analysis.
As part of the course, students will learn to design freely using traditional methods and also utilize Rhinoceros 3D software to develop complete Jewellery and bijou collections.


  • Understanding basic elements & principles of design Conceptual design building, research and execution Different types of settings involved: prong, pave, bezel etc. Precious metals and textures involved in jewellery Different types of rings - traditional, cocktail, engagement etc. Briefing various manufacturing methods and techniques Rendering of gemstones and diamonds. Formation of various pendant styles. Rendering of gemstones and diamonds. Analysis of hand ornaments and their forms. Budgeting and estimation of designs. Making professional portfolio for jewellery industr.

  • Importance of CAD / CAM in jewellery. All 2D commands and functional tools Working with dimensions, measuremeynts and la outs. 3D surfaces and solid commands Mirroring, rotating and offsetting of objects. Various types of settings: prong, pave, bezel, etc. Types of linking. Gold and diamond estimation. 3D rendering with changing textures Different types of ring shanks. Parameters of CAD. Portfolio making.

Jewellery Design Graduate - Course Deatils.

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) What you earn? Who should join? Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
JEWELLERY DESIGN GRADUATE 5 Months (May vary based on holidays and other scheduled breaks) 480 Clock Hours Certificate in Jewellery Design Graduate Jewellery Production Manager/Jewellery Exhibition Manager/Retailers / Wholesalers 70,000/-

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