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  • Step into the captivating world of Jewelry Sales and Marketing! This course is tailored to provide you with the expertise to excel in the competitive jewelry market. Learn effective sales strategies, customer engagement techniques, and the art of showcasing jewelry allure. Explore the nuances of branding and consumer behavior to successfully promote and sell exquisite jewelry pieces. With the confidence of possessing excellent knowledge about gems and jewellery, one must also be able to confidently share that knowledge. Soft Skill and personality development course is about grooming yourself to effectively and confidently communicate to one and many.

  • Gain an edge in the industry with detailed understanding of the Jewellery Merchandising Process. The course expands your horizons of planning, curating, branding, inventory management and other aspects of Jewellery Merchandising.

  • As a Jewellery Appraiser and Valuer assess the quality of the jewellery product through standard assaying methods, fix its value and prevent fraudulent sales. Appraiser and Valueis the person incharge of assessing karatage and fixing commercial value of a jewellery product in the jewellery store.

  • Marking lasers perform more and more tasks in the industry. From our course you can find out what role marking lasers play in the Jewellery sectors. You will also learn about the technical background of processes as well as laser systems and receive a guide to practical marking.

    (Adobe Photoshop for Jewellery Design)
  • This is an INTENSIVE ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CLASS for Jewelry Designers with master instructors. It is a beginner class concentrating on the most popular techniques used in Jewelry industry today. This class is perfect for both new and experienced designers who want to learn how to master Adobe Illustrator to design jewelry or simply recreate their own hand drawn sketches. Students will also learn how to present technical drawings for flawless visual communication. Final presentation boards can be used for clients, buyers or put into a portfolio. If you want to improve your Illustrator skills and a learn how to design jewelry with Adobe Illustrator this class is for you.

  • Whether you want to photograph your own jewelry design for a web portfolio or you want to learn how to photograph jewelry professionally for a client, this 1-month long workshop is for you. You will be guided step-by-step through basic DSLR manual camera settings to control the exposure and white balance in order to understand your camera creative power. You will learn how to shoot like a Pro directly (tethered) into your computer. Lighting for jewelry can be very challenging but it doesn need to be intimidating, you will learn different lighting techniques with flash & continuous light, understanding the quality and direction of light. Using different background materials, you"ll learn how to make creative decisions to make your particular jewelry stand out. By the end of this workshop you will be able to execute your future jewelry shoots on your own.

Corporate Courses - Course Deatils.

Total Course Charge : 2,11,500 /-

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
Gold and Jewellery Appraiser 1 week 10 6,500/-
Laser Marking & Soldering – Practical –per day 2 hrs 2 weeks 25 15,000/-
Jewellery Merchandising 3 Months 290 75,000/-
Adobe Photoshop for Jewellery Designs 2 weeks 25 60,000/-
Photography for Jewellery Designers 1 Month 100 35,000/-
Jewellery Sales & Marketing - Sales Soft Skill and Personality Development 3 weeks 55 20,000/-

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