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Refining and Assaying is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the processes involved in refining and assaying precious metals, particularly gold and silver. Throughout this program, the students will learn the intricate techniques used in refining, which involve purifying precious metals to achieve ex ceptional level s of purit y . Additionally, learners will gain expertise in the art of assaying, where precise analysis will enable them to accurately determine the exact composition of various metal samples.
Embrace this opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of refining and assaying, and unlock a rewarding career path in the precious metals industry!.


Safety measures Introduction to Refining and Assaying Principles of various Refining Techniques Refining of gold by Aqua-Regia method Recovery of precious metals from scraps Fundamentals of Assaying Principles of various methods of assaying Introduction to Fire Assaying Introduction to equipments Sampling, Weighing Introduction to Cupellation Furnace operations Parting Introduction to Assaying of Silver and Platinum

refining-and-assaying - Course Deatils.

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) What you earn? Who should join? Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
Refining and Assaying 3 Months (May vary based on holidays and other scheduled breaks) 290 Clock Hours Certificate in Refining of Precious Metals Any Graduate/Jewellery business owners/ Retailer / Wholesaler/ Jewellery Manufacturers 45,000 /-

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