Master’s Program in Gem stones

Certified Training Center


  • Introduction to the fascinating 'World of Gemstones'.
  • Understanding Gemstone classification, including Family & Variety names.
  • Exploring the rich History of gemstones, from ancient times to their future prospects.
  • Delving into the process of Mining and the origin of gemstones from around the world.
  • Examining Crystal formation, habit, and the crystal system of gemstones.
  • Learning about the Physical, optical, and chemical properties of various gemstones.
  • Exploring different phenomena and lustre displayed by gemstones.
  • Identifying Gems and understanding the manufacturing process, various shapes & cutting styles.
  • Understanding the Grading parameters for gemstones, considering beauty, rarity, and durability, and their effects on gem value.
  • Recognizing Characteristic inclusions for gemstone identification.
  • Distinguishing between Organic and Inorganic gem classifications, as well as exploring Exotic & rare gemstones.
  • Understanding Gemstone Grading according to International clarity & color grades. Identifying natural and treated gemstone varieties.
  • Familiarity with Instruments used for practical gemstone identification, such as microscopes, refractometer, spectroscope, dichroscope, polariscope, U.V. light, S.G. liquid, hardness testing instruments, filters & 10x loupe.
  • Learning about Gemstone care & their uses in jewelry.
  • Exploring the association of Gemstones with planets (Navagraha) & zodiac signs.
  • Understanding the Healing properties of gems and their astrological significance.
  • Discovering Gemstones of the month - birthstones.
  • Staying updated on the Present day market trends and the latest feedback on current treatments.
  • Familiarity with the Terminology & nomenclature of gemstones as per Indian & International markets.
  • Learning how to prepare laboratory reports/gem testing reports and engaging in Certification & project work.
  • Studying different origins and world markets for gemstones, understanding their global significance.

Master’s Program in Gem stones - Course Deatils.

Courses Program Length Duration(Clock hrs) What you earn? Who should join? Fees (In Rs.)Excluding 18% GST
Master’s Program in Gem stones 3 Months (May vary based on holidays and other scheduled breaks) 360 Clock Hours Certificate in Master's program in Gemstone Gem Enthusiasts/Amateur Gem Collecto/Gemstone Dealer/Jewellery Retailer/Jewellery Designers Astrologer/ Business Professional/Estate Jewellery Dealer/Gemologist Lab and Research Professional/Valuer / Appraiser / Importers / Exporters 75,000/-

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